Category of Organisms Marine Molluscs
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum/Division Mollusca
Class Cephalopoda
Order Octopoda
Family Octopodidae
Genus Octopus
Species aegina
Binomial Name
Octopus aegina
Author Gray, 1849
Common Name Marbled octopus
Local Name  
Size Range
Body to 6 cm, arms to 18 cm

This small octopus lives on sand and muddy sea floor in coastal water.
Endemic No
Found in Marine Park No
Found in Malaysia Yes
Can easy recognised by the pale stripe down the middle of the body and the pattern of dark circles enclosing light coloured spots. it is one of two species that are trawled out of the Gulf of Thailand in large quantities.
It lays numerous small eggs, often in shells or discarded human rubbish. the small young are likely to be planktonic on hatching. Little else is known of the biology and behaviour of this octopus despite its high economic value.
Status in IUCN Red List Unknown
Status in CITES Species Database Unknown
CEPHALOPODS A WORLDS GUIDE by Mark Norman, published by Die Deutsche Bibliothek,2003, Page :227

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