Category of Organisms Seagrasses
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum/Division Magnoliophyta
Class Liliopsida
Order Potamogetonales
Family Cymodoceaceae
Genus Cymodocea
Species serrulata
Binomial Name
Cymodocea serrulata
Author (R.Brown) Ascherson & Magnus
Common Name Cymodocea
Local Name Rumput laut
Size Range
Leaf sheath obconical, up to 3 cm long, with acute auriculae, 2 mm long.
Prefers coral sand and mud-covered coral debris in upper subtidal areas. Intolerant of low salinity. [1]
The soft leafed Cymodocea is favourite dugong and turtle food
Endemic No
Found in Marine Park No
Found in Malaysia Yes
In Malaysia, can be found in Negeri Sembilan (Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson), Melaka (Pulau Besar), Johor (Sg.Pulai, Pulau Besar). [1]
The leaf blades are flat, linear to curved like scythes. The leaf tips are round to slightly conical and serrate to dentate. Nerves 12-17, with fine cross-nerves. The fruit is sessile, elliptic and compressed. [1]
Status in IUCN Red List Unknown
Status in CITES Species Database Unknown
1. Phang, S.M. (2000). Seagrasses of Malaysia. Botanical   Monographs No. 2. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya
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Collection Record
Cymodocea serrulata taken from Seagrasses of Malaysia