Category of Organisms Marine Molluscs
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum/Division Mollusca
Class Cephalopoda
Order Octopoda
Family Octopodidae
Genus Cistopus
Species indicus
Binomial Name
Cistopus indicus
Author Rapp, 1835 and D'Orbigny, 1834-1848
Common Name Old Woman Octopus
Local Name  
Size Range
Body to 9 cm, arms to 50 cm

Endemic No
Found in Marine Park No
Found in Malaysia Yes
This unusual octopus has a ring of 8 pounches around the mouth at the bases of the arms. they contain mucous which can be released through a small muscular opening. The mucous may be used to cement the walls of exacavations in sand or mud. The first arms are longest and the modified arm tip of males is tiny. This octopus is harvested throughout its range. Differences between northern and southern forms suggest that more than one species may be being treated under this name.
Status in IUCN Red List Unknown
Status in CITES Species Database Unknown
CEPHALOPODS A WORLDS GUIDE by Mark Norman, published by Die Deutsche Bibliothek,2003, Page :211
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